Airneth seminar "Airline fleet renewal strategies"


On the 14th of April 2022 Airneth organised a seminar about airline fleet renewal strategies. The seminar included presentations by: Peerlings (Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre), Ranasinghe (easyJet), Visser & Mazereeuw (KLM) and Dray (UCL Energy Institute) followed by a round-table discussion.

The seminar showed that fleet renewal is useful to decarbonize aviation. The reason being that new aircraft are more fuel efficient and/or use alternative energy sources.
Policy makers have several options to stimulate fleet renewal, e.g.: R&D support, standards for in-production and/or in-operation aircraft, carbon trading and fuel taxation. Ideally, policy is made on a global level. In this way a level playing field for airlines can be established.

The key takeaways of the seminar can be downloaded below.

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