3rd Airneth Annual Conference: Innovation in the air transport industry in times of recession


Unprecedented challenges
The airline industry faces unprecedented challenges. As worldwide traffic continues its downward trend, airports, airlines and ANSPs struggle to maintain their competitive position. Efficiency, cost savings, consolidation, network rationalization and losses are the keywords to describe for the current state of the industry.
For the longer term, the task of creating a sustainable industry is substantial. The strategic long-term options for the current energy consumption of the industry are limited. In addition, the future growth of the air traffic continues to present a significant challenge as the provision of airport capacity fails to keep pace with demand, according to a recent study by Eurocontrol.

However, the stronger the recession, the stronger the incentives to innovate in the broadest sense. Business, environmental, technological and institutional reform and innovation will be essential to meet the challenges of both today’s and tomorrow’s industry.

In this conference, we will survey the challenges in the airline industry and the role innovations will play in shaping the future air transport industry.

What is the Airneth Annual Conference about?
After two highly successful Annual Conferences on optimal use of scarce airport capacity (2007) and EU-US Open Skies (2008), this year we will address the market challenges for the aviation industry in the next decade and the innovative tools coming available to the various stakeholders to deal with these challenges.

Target audience
Policy-makers in the field of aviation
Airneth fellows
Industry representatives & other professionals in the aviation sector
Students in the field of aviation

Why attend this conference?
Find yourself in the midst of a network of aviation professionals from policy, research and aviation industry
Benefit from the ample opportunities for informal discussions and meetings
Learn about the challenges in the airline industry and how to deal with them
Listen to presentations of keynote speakers from policy, research and industry

Chairman for this conference will be Arie Kraaijeveld, Chairman of the non executive board of NLR (National Aerospace Laboratory). 

Speakers for this seminar include:

  • Wim Kuijken, Secretary General, Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
  • Cor Vrieswijk, COO easyJet
  • Mathijs Bouman, journalist, economist at RTL-Z
  • Joop Krul, Director Airport Development, Schiphol Group
  • Chris Tarry, Analyst CTAIRA
  • Peter Morrell, Cranfield University
  • Joachim Szodruch, German Aerospace Center
  • Paul Mifsud, Vice President, Government and Legal Affairs, KLM Royal Dutch Airline
  • Stefano Paleari, Scientific Director ICCSAI
  • John King, Aviation and Tourism Management Pty Ltd

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