14.04.2011 5th Airneth Annual Conference: Consolidation and new business models in the air transport industry

The fifth Airneth Annual Conference addresses the consolidation trend in the air transport industry and the rise of new airline business models.>>

  17.03.2008 2nd Airneth Annual Conference: EU-US Open Skies

What are the consequences of the EU-US Open Sky Agreement? >>

  18.09.2007 The future of long-haul low-cost

Airneth organised a seminar on Tuesday 18 September 2007 concerning the feasibility and future of this new low-cost business model>>

  12.04.2007 1st Airneth Annual Conference: Optimal use of scarce airport capacity

If shortages in airport capacity are here to stay, how can we use existing and future airport capacities most efficiently and effectively?>>