05.04.2012 Demystifying Level Playing Field in Air Transport

Violation of the level playing field is a frequently debated issue in the context of international air transport. Airneth organizes a workshop on this theme.>>

  09.12.2011 Competition, Concentration and Consolidation

The European Aviation Club, in cooperation with Airneth, organizes a seminar on Competition, Concentration and Consolidation in the Airline Industry.>>

Pablo Mendes de Leon   05.09.2011 Emissies in de luchtvaart: van juridisch mijnenveld tot een handelsoorlog

Airneth column by Pablo Mendes de Leon (in Dutch)>>

  15.04.2010 4th Airneth Annual Conference: Air transport in PR China and in India

The central theme at the fourth Airneth Annual Conference will be an analysis of the air transport industry in upcoming markets. >>

  17.03.2008 2nd Airneth Annual Conference: EU-US Open Skies

What are the consequences of the EU-US Open Sky Agreement? >>

  12.04.2007 1st Airneth Annual Conference: Optimal use of scarce airport capacity

If shortages in airport capacity are here to stay, how can we use existing and future airport capacities most efficiently and effectively?>>