Richard de Neufville

Dr. de Neufville is a civil engineer and system designer. His research and teaching focus on the use and valuation of flexibility in the design of technological systems. See his co-authored textbooks “Flexibility in Engineering Design,” (MIT Press, 2011) and “Flexibility and Real Estate Valuation under Uncertainty: A Practical Guide for Developers” (Wiley Blackwell, 2018).

He is known worldwide for his applications in Airport Development, particularly in the configuration and detailed design of Airport Terminal Buildings. See his text with Prof Odoni, “Airport Systems Planning, Design, and Management,” McGraw-Hill (second edition, 2013). He has participated in major airport projects in North America, Europe, the Gulf, Southeast Asia, Australia – as well as others in Africa and Latin America.


email: ardent(at)

Room E17-369
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA

Contribution to Airneth activities

  12.04.2007 1st Airneth Annual Conference: Optimal use of scarce airport capacity

If shortages in airport capacity are here to stay, how can we use existing and future airport capacities most efficiently and effectively?>>

  27.04.2006 Masterclass Airport Planning by prof. dr. Richard de Neufville

In this masterclass, prof. dr. de Neufville will address the concept of multi-airport systems in metropolitan areas as well as the problems, dynamics and risks associated with it.>>