Jan Oosterhaven

Prof. dr. Jan Oosterhaven is emeritus professor Spatial Economics at Groningen University. His research focuses on interregional input-output analysis, demo-economic modeling, indirect economic effects of transport infrastructure, and integral cost-benefit analysis of all kind of spatial policy measures.

He is a Fellow of the Regional Science Association International, President of the International Input-Output Association (IIOA), Member of the scientific board of the Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH), Editorial board member of the Australazian Journal of Reg. Studies, Brazilian Review of Reg. Studies, Kwartaalschrift Economie, Papers in Reg. Science, Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschappen, and Economic Systems Research (of which he was the managing editor for five years).


email: j.oosterhaven@rug.nl
website: Faculty of Economics and Business, Groningen University

Room: 5411-729
Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands