The network has invited a limited number of internationally renowned researchers in the field of air transport to join the network as an academic fellow. Potential fellows are selected based on their academic expertise and reputation, as far as relevant for the activities of Airneth.

What are the benefits of being a fellow?
Fellows are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compete for writing position papers, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment;
  • Be invited to participate in seminars, workshops, summer-schools and conferences;
  • Have access to a world-wide network of high-quality researchers and policy-makers.

In turn, fellows will have the obligation to actively participate in the activities of Airneth and provide the network with academic input.

How to become a fellow?
New fellows will be invited by Rogier Lieshout. Current fellows are entitled to make suggestions for new fellows.

Criteria for new fellows
The potential fellow:

  • Has a national and/or international scientific reputation on the area of aviation or adjacent issues;
  • Has recently published scientific publications;
  • Is a scientifically leading person in his/her research area.

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