Study on employment and working conditions in air transport and airports


This Steer Davies Gleave report, commissioned by the European Commission, is an update and extension of a previous study conducted in 2012, the 'Study on the effects of the implementation of the EU aviation common market on employment and working conditions in the Air Transport Sector over the period 1997/2010'. This is in the context of the 2011 White Paper, where the Commission undertook to promote quality jobs and good working conditions and a desire to see 'a socially responsible aviation sector'.

Since the progressive implementation of the single aviation market began in 1992, the air transport market in Europe has undergone many significant changes. Passenger traffic has grown rapidly, stimulated by new airline business models, a wider choice of air services, and lower air fares. The industry has also been changed by transnational alliances and mergers, and the bankruptcies of a number of carriers, including Malev and Spanair.

The full report can be downloaded via the link below.

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