21.09.2018 EAC 2018 - Athens - Ownership and Privatization of Airports, Airlines & Air Traffic Control

The European Aviation Conference (EAC) offers a meeting place for industry, researchers and government officials from across Europe and around the world to discuss policy-relevant issues in aviation.>>

  08.12.2016 The Possible Effects of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Mobility and Infrastructure

Airneth organizes a seminar on Remote Piloted Aircraft on Thursday 8 December in The Hague.>>

  07.07.2016 7th Airneth Annual Lecture by Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE

Airneth is proud to announce that Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE, will give the 7th Airneth Annual Lecture.>>

  18.05.2016 New Forms of Transfer in Air Transport Networks

Airneth organizes a seminar about the development in transfer concepts on Wednesday May 18th. >>

  09.12.2015 The Feasibility of Long-Haul Low-Cost Operations

Can the low-cost business model be transformed into a long-haul model? Airneth organizes a seminar on the feasibility of long-haul low-cost operations on 9 December.>>

  05.11.2014 European Aviation Conference 2014

The third European Aviation Conference is entitled 'Aviation Infrastructure Capacity: too much or too little?' and will be held at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from 5-7 November 2014. >>

  16.06.2014 Nieuwe staatssteunregels voor de luchtvaart

Op maandag 16 juni (14:15-17:15u) organiseert Airneth een seminar over de nieuwe staatssteunregels voor de luchtvaart. >>

  05.06.2014 6th Airneth Annual Lecture by dr. Fariba Alamdari, Vice President Market and Aviation Policy for Boeing

Airneth is proud to announce that dr. Fariba Alamdari, vice president of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, will give the 6th Airneth Annual Lecture.>>

  04.12.2013 The pass-through of cost increases in aviation

The Airneth seminar on the pass-through of cost increases in aviation, will be held on December 4 2013. >>

  25.09.2013 The social value of shorter and more reliable travel times

Airneth seminar on the new social-economic values for changes in average travel times and in the reliability of travel times for passenger air travel (in Dutch).>>

  25.04.2013 5th Airneth Annual Lecture by James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Airways

Mr. James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Airways, gave the 5th Airneth Annual Lecture, entitled 'The airline industry: Future perspectives and strategy'. >>

  08.04.2013 High speed rail and aviation: from competition to cooperation? Evidence from China and Europe

Airneth fellow Anming Zhang and Mark Lijesen discussed the impact of High Speed Rail on Aviation in China and European countries.>>

  14.02.2013 Economic arguments for regional airport capacity (in Dutch)

What is the economic significance of the Dutch regional airports now and in the future? What role does the Dutch government need to play in developing and maintaining these regional airports? >>

  08.01.2013 Airport competition and airport choice of cargo airlines in Europe

Presentation by Franziska Kupfer of her dissertation on airport choice of cargo airlines in Europe.>>

  17.10.2012 Facts and myths in the development of Gulf carriers

A seminar on the competition from hubs in the Gulf and Turkey and the way it affects the Dutch aviation sector.>>

  19.04.2012 6th Airneth Annual Conference: Next generation hubs

Next generation hubs: challenges for the aviation industry and policy>>

  05.04.2012 Demystifying Level Playing Field in Air Transport

Violation of the level playing field is a frequently debated issue in the context of international air transport. Airneth organizes a workshop on this theme.>>

  08.03.2012 4th Airneth Annual Lecture by Jos Nijhuis

Jos Nijhuis, President and CEO of Schiphol Group, will give the 4th Airneth Annual Lecture.>>

  14.02.2012 Verdiepingscollege netwerkkwaliteit

Docent en Airneth directeur Guillaume Burghouwt geeft een verdiepingscollege netwerkkwaliteit voor de directie Luchtvaart.>>

  12.01.2012 Revision of the EC slot regulation

Airneth seminar on the "Airport Package", in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis.>>

  09.12.2011 Competition, Concentration and Consolidation

The European Aviation Club, in cooperation with Airneth, organizes a seminar on Competition, Concentration and Consolidation in the Airline Industry.>>

  08.12.2011 Alliances and global competition

This Airneth seminar will give an overview of the benefits and costs of airline consolidation. Key-note speaker is independent aviation consultant Mr. Hubert Horan.>>

  01.11.2011 PhD graduates seminar

At this Airneth seminar, seven PhD graduates will elaborate their work with the focus on government policy.>>

  14.04.2011 5th Airneth Annual Conference: Consolidation and new business models in the air transport industry

The fifth Airneth Annual Conference addresses the consolidation trend in the air transport industry and the rise of new airline business models.>>

  05.04.2011 Excellence in accommodating aviation growth and hub development

Airneth and IFFAAD (India Chapter) cordially invite you for the seminar ‘Excellence in accommodating aviation growth and hub development: experiences from the Netherlands and India’.>>