10.12.2019 Non-CO2 climate impacts of aviation

On the 10th of December 2019 Airneth organised a seminar on the non-CO2 climate impacts of aviation. Three renowned academics in the field of non-CO2 impacts were invited to share their views on the topic.>>

  08.02.2018 'Airport of the Future' by Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist

8th Airneth Annual Lecture - October 2017>>

  05.02.2018 ATARD: Case Studies on Remote Regions

Ruse, Bulgaria, April 2018>>

  27.11.2017 ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Global Summit

Montréal, Canada, 27 to 28 November 2017>>

  13.11.2017 7th European Aviation Conference - European Deregulation at 30

The 7th European Aviation Conference is held at Dublin City University in Ireland on 13 & 14 November 2017.>>

  24.10.2017 8th Airneth Annual Lecture by Arnaud Feist, CEO Brussels Airport Company

Airneth is proud to announce that Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, will give the 8th Airneth Annual Lecture.>>

  30.09.2017 ATARD PhD Training School, Dublin, November 2017

The aim of the Training School is to provide intensive training in the methodological approaches used to evaluate the impact of air transport on regional development.>>

  07.09.2017 EAC 2017: Dublin City University, November 2017

The European Aviation Conference (EAC) offers a meeting place for industry, researchers and government officials from across Europe and around the world to discuss policy-relevant issues in aviation.>>

  05.07.2017 ATRS 2017: University of Antwerp Stadscampus

The University of Antwerp is proud to host the 21st edition of the ATRS World Conference from 5 - 8 July 2017.>>

  05.06.2017 ATRS 2017 – Ph.D. Student and Junior Faculty Workshop

Each year, the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) holds a Ph.D. Student and Junior Faculty Workshop in conjunction with its Annual Conference. >>

  25.05.2017 4th Aviation Business Arena - Zagreb 2017

4th Aviation Business Arena Conference set to Explore Newest Trends and Dynamics of the Industry>>

  10.02.2017 Call for Papers - Conference on Air Transport, Regional Development and Policy

The ATARD Conference on Air Transport, Regional Development and Policy will take place at the University of Bergamo (Italy) on the 10th and 11th of February 2017.>>

  09.02.2017 The potential of the long-haul low-cost business model and its impact on the Netherlands

In this report the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis studies the potential of the Long-Haul Low-Cost business model.>>

  15.12.2016 ATARD PhD Training School, Bergamo, February 2017

The aim of the Training School is to provide intensive training in the methodological approaches used to evaluate the impact of air transport on regional development.>>

  19.07.2016 Call for Expressions of Interest for Short Term Scientific Missions

Action TU1408: ATARD (Air Transport and Regional Development) aims to investigate the relationship between air transport and regional development.>>

  01.07.2016 Call for Papers 13th Aviation Student Research Workshop

G.A.R.S and the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen are happy to invite you to the yearly G.A.R.S. research student workshop.>>

  30.06.2016 Call for Papers: Aviation in Africa

G.A.R.S. and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen are pleased to announce a workshop on Aviation in Africa to be held on the 30th June 2016 at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.>>

  08.03.2016 The Ownership of Europe’s Airports

A new ACI EUROPE report that details the ownership of each of the 500 airports in ACI EUROPE’s membership.>>

  07.12.2015 The EU Aviation Strategy

On 7 December 2015, the Commission published a comprehensive strategy for the European aviation sector.>>

  19.11.2015 European Aviation Confercence 2015: 19-20 November 2015

The 4th European Avation Conference, entitled 'The End of Liberalisation?' will take place on Thu-Fri 19-20 November 2015 at Cranfield University, UK.>>

  15.10.2015 Study on employment and working conditions in air transport and airports

A Steer Davies Gleave report prepared for DG MOVE, European Commission.>>

  30.07.2015 Comments of Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C.

The response of Qatar Airways to the US Big 3 white paper: Restoring Open Skies.>>

  28.02.2015 Emirates' Economic Impact in Europe

Emirates has commissioned Frontier Economics to assess the economic impact of its operations in the EU.>>

  12.02.2015 Atypical Employment in the Aviation Sector

A study on new forms of employment in the aviation sector, carried out by Ghent University.>>

  28.01.2015 Restoring Open Skies: The Need To Address Subsidized Competition From State-Owned Airlines In Qatar And The UAE

A white paper by the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, a coalition composed of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.>>