Koen Frenken   23.04.2013 Service innovation: brought to you by low cost carriers

Airneth column by Koen Frenken on past and future innovations in aviation>>

  09.04.2013 Promotie Christiaan Behrens: dinsdag 9 april 15:45 uur, VU

Nieuw inzicht in effect van differentiatie in vraag en aanbod op marktwerking in luchtvaartsector>>

Hans Heerkens   25.03.2013 The future of unmanned flight

What is the impact that unmanned aircraft will have on the world, both inside and outside aviation? >>

  20.03.2013 G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop – Call for Papers

The organizers are proud to present the call for papers and posters for the annual G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop, which will be held in Amsterdam on 21st/22nd June 2013.>>

  19.02.2013 12 March 2013: NATM Conference 'Innovation in Business Travel'

In its anniversary year, NATM organizes a conference on innovation in business travel in Amsterdam (in Dutch).>>

Volodymyr Bilotkach   18.02.2013 What happens when a network carrier disappears? Case of Malev bankruptcy

In this Airneth column, Volodymyr Bilotkach analyzes the Malev bankruptcy and the effects it had on Budapest Airport.>>

  06.02.2013 Welcome to our new website!

Airneth is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website.>>

  23.12.2012 The flowers of Catherine the Great

A new column by Guillaume Burghouwt for (in Dutch).>>

  30.11.2012 Hans Heerkens joins the Airneth Council of Scientific Advisors

Airneth is proud to announce that dr. Hans Heerkens, assistant professor at the University of Twente, has agreed to join the Council of Scientific Advisors.>>

  15.10.2012 Is the hub and spoke model outdated?

According to Carolyn McCall of easyJet, it is. Guillaume Burghouwt however is not so sure. >>

Bert van Wee   09.01.2012 Is more better?

Airneth column by Bert van Wee>>

Anming Zhang   06.10.2011 Development and Prospects of the Aviation Industry in China

Airneth column by Anming Zhang>>

David Starkie   05.09.2011 Airport-Airline Relationships And Contracts: A Proposal

Airneth column by David Starkie>>

Pablo Mendes de Leon   05.09.2011 Emissies in de luchtvaart: van juridisch mijnenveld tot een handelsoorlog

Airneth column by Pablo Mendes de Leon (in Dutch)>>

Volodymyr Bilotkach   28.06.2011 Airline alliances

Airneth column by Volodymyr Bilotkach>>

Sveinn Gudmundsson   20.05.2011 A new beast to manage?

Airneth column by Sveinn Gudmundsson>>

Christoph Brützel   13.04.2011 Strategic Threats and Opportunities for European Legacy Carriers – The Fairytale of the Big Ships

Airneth column by Christoph Brützel>>

Kenneth Button   08.03.2011 The Economics of Air Transport Security: Do we Complain too Much About Waiting to be scanned at Airports

Airneth column by Kenneth Button>>

Hubert Horan   21.02.2011 Consolidation and anti-competitive market power

Airneth column by Hubert Horan>>

Wolfgang Grimme   11.01.2011 The introduction of the German air passenger duty: a large-scale experiment with an uncertain outcome

Airneth column by Wolfgang Grimme>>

Pieter Jan Stallen   11.12.2010 Causes of 'imbalance approach': aviation noise management

Airneth column by Pieter Jan Stallen>>

  23.11.2010 The planned British Airways/Iberia merger: a viewpoint

Airneth column by Peter Morrell>>

Paul V. Mifsud   04.10.2010 Branded Global Alliance Competition in the New Era of Metal Neutrality

Airneth column by Paul V. Mifsud>>

Andreas Polk   06.09.2010 The economic market power of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: A Rejoinder

Airneth column by prof. dr. Andreas Polk on behalf of the GAP study team. >>

Eric Pels   29.06.2010 Air France - KLM and the position of Schiphol

Airneth column by Eric Pels>>