Geraint Harvey and Peter Turnbull   01.11.2015 Changing Business Strategies and the Implications for Workers in the European Civil Aviation Industry

Airneth column by Dr Geraint Harvey, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham and Professor Peter Turnbull, School of Economics, Finance and Management, University of Bristol.>>

  15.10.2015 Study on employment and working conditions in air transport and airports

A Steer Davies Gleave report prepared for DG MOVE, European Commission.>>

Sascha Albers   01.09.2015 Airline Business Model Convergence in Europe

Airneth column by Sascha Albers from the University of South Denmark >>

  30.07.2015 Comments of Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C.

The response of Qatar Airways to the US Big 3 white paper: Restoring Open Skies.>>

Richard Klophaus   01.07.2015 Are you up for some competition?

Airneth column by Richard Klophaus of the University of Applied Sciences Worms>>

Renato Redondi   23.06.2015 Airline instability and Airport Abandonments by Low-Cost Carriers

Airneth column by Renato Redondi from the University of Brescia, Italy.>>

Peter Forsyth   03.06.2015 Cost Competitiveness, the Legacy Airlines and the Gulf Airline Challenge

Airneth column by Peter Forsyth from Monash University and Southern Cross University, Australia.>>

  28.02.2015 Emirates' Economic Impact in Europe

Emirates has commissioned Frontier Economics to assess the economic impact of its operations in the EU.>>

  12.02.2015 Atypical Employment in the Aviation Sector

A study on new forms of employment in the aviation sector, carried out by Ghent University.>>

  28.01.2015 Restoring Open Skies: The Need To Address Subsidized Competition From State-Owned Airlines In Qatar And The UAE

A white paper by the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, a coalition composed of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.>>

  10.09.2014 CROS themabijeenkomst 'Leven met geluid'

Op woensdag 10 september organiseert CROS de themabijeenkomst 'Leven met geluid'. >>

  31.07.2014 University of Antwerp: Air Transport Colloquium 2014

This year's Air Transport Colloquium is entitled 'How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities?' and will be held on 4 December 2013.>>

  28.05.2014 3rd Aviation Business Arena, Cavtat, Croatia

A conference about the key issues and major policy challenges that Central and South-eastern European air transport markets are facing.>>

  26.03.2014 Bucharest Air Transport Conference 2014

Conference organised by Team Aviation Solution, the International Institute of Air and Space Law of Leiden University and the European Aviation Club celebrating 100 years of commercial aviation.>>

  12.03.2014 Themasessie luchtvaarteconomie en Schiphol

De Commissie Regionaal Overleg luchthaven Schiphol (CROS) organiseert een themasessie over luchtvaarteconomie en Schiphol voor leden en geïnteresseerden. >>

  11.02.2014 Global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference

Conference organised by the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA) at the University of Twente in Enschede. >>

  07.02.2014 Military Aviation meets Civil Aviation

The Military and Civil Aviation Association vzw (MCAA) will, in conjunction with Flieger Law Office bvba, organise the 2nd international Military/Civil Aviation Congress in Antwerp.>>

Florian Allroggen and Robert Malina   06.02.2014 How do airports contribute to economic growth?

Airneth column by Florian Allroggen and Robert Malina>>

  17.12.2013 Proactive airport retailing management: evidence and suggestions from nearby industries

Airneth column by professor David Jarach on airports' non-aeronautical revenues>>

  04.11.2013 Press releases - European Aviation Conference 2013

More information on the Great Debate and the announcement of the 2013 European Aviation Economics and Management Prizes at the European Aviation Conference 2013 in St Gallen on 14-15 November. >>

David Starkie   31.10.2013 Why A Small Increase In Airport Charges Might Lead To A Large Passenger Loss

Airneth column by David Starkie on the elasticity of airport charges.>>

  24.10.2013 Conference on Emerging Issues on Aviation Environment

The International Foundation for Aviation, Aerospace & Development (India Chapter) organizes a conference on environmental issues regarding aviation from 20 to 21 January 2014 in New Delhi.>>

  23.10.2013 University of Antwerp: Air Transport Colloquium 2013

This year's Air Transport Colloquium is entitled 'Innovations in the Sky - The Need for Changes in Passenger and Cargo Transport' and will be held on 6 December 2013.>>

Bijan Vasigh and Darryl Jenkins   09.10.2013 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities

Column by Airneth fellow Bijan Vasigh and Darryl Jenkins on the potential of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).>>

Michael E. Levine   12.06.2013 Is the Gulf Airline Boom a Bubble?

Airneth column by Michael E. Levine on the possibility of the current boom in Gulf-based airline activity being a bubble. >>