Press releases - European Aviation Conference 2013


The second European Aviation Conference is entitled 'Managing airport infrastructure in the presence of risk and competition' and will be held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on 14-15 November. 

Speakers are getting ready for the Great Debate about 'Airport Competition: A Myth or the End of Regulation?' that will take place on 14 November. Harry Bush – former UK aviation regulator – will make the case for a market-based approach to airports. Mike Tretheway – a leading aviation consultant – will take a more sceptical view of competition and stress that the type of regulation is also crucial.

For more information on the Great Debate, please download the press statement below. 

Apart from the Great Debate, there will be plenty discussion on how to mitigate  current aviation risks by other speakers and presenters, as well as the announcement of the 2013 European Aviation Economics and Management Prizes for the two best research papers delivered at the GARS Research Workshop (held earlier in 2013). 

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