Exchanging knowledge in the field of air transport

Airneth is an initiative to support aviation policy in The Netherlands using the most recent insights from academic experts from various disciplines. In addition, the Network has the objective to address important policy issues in the academic world.
The world-wide scientific network for aviation research and policy in the Netherlands (Airneth) was set up in 2005. Airneth is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Vision of Airneth

As a network organization, we have the vision to create an international knowledge hub for research and policy issues in the broad area of air transport. Airneth has the objective to:

  • stimulate high-quality research in the area of air transport;
  • integrate knowledge from various academic disciplines;
  • stimulate the exchange knowledge between academics and policy makers in the field of air transport;
  • communicate key insights into relevant aviation issues to a broader audience;
  • provide a valuable input for policy making in the field of aviation.

Exchange of knowledge and experiences has taken place through a continuous series of seminars, workshops and conferences in the Netherlands, starting as of October 2005 up to today.

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