Videoconferencing, changing behaviour of business travellers and its effects on the aviation market


On 14 October 2010 Airneth will organize a seminar entitled 'Videoconferencing, changing behaviour of business travellers and its effects on the aviation market'. This seminar takes place at the Bilderberg Europa Hotel Scheveningen in The Hague from 13.00-17.30 hrs.
Changing behaviour of business travellers
The quality of the accessibility of the Netherlands by air is an important factor for keeping the Netherlands, and the Randstad in particular, competitive. It involves a network of direct connections with sufficient frequencies per week to the major economic centers in the world. The airlines that operate on Schiphol airport, keep that network alive. However these airlines can only maintain that network, if a network is sufficiently profitable.
Business travellers contribute significantly to the profitability of connections to major economic centers in the world. This business segment has structurally higher average yields than the non-business segment. However, in recent years there have been structurally declining average yield in the business segment in particular in the short-haul markets. There is a shift in the behaviour of business travelers. More often they travel economy class as well as low-cost.
Besides this, an increasing substitution takes place of business air travel by videoconferencing. The economic crisis and the fast developing videoconferencing technology have contributed to this development. The recent ash cloud affair and the threat of terrorism also raises the question to what extend videoconferencing can provide a backup for the network quality of airports.

Thursday 14 October, Airneth organizes a seminar in which these developments will be addressed. The following questions will be discussed at the seminar:

  •  What are the main trends in the behaviour of the business traveller?
  • What are the underlying factors behind these changes in behaviour?
  • Do these changes indeed lead to an erosion of revenues?
  • To what extent is videoconferencing a substitute for business air travel? 
  • What are the expectations for the future?
  • What do these developments mean?

The following speakers will contribute to this seminar:

  •  James Crowther, Cisco
  • Egon Heini, KLM
  • Tom Erik Julsrud, The Institute of Transport Economics Norway
  • Herman Mensink, CORTAS

Target audience
The seminar is aimed at policy makers, industry professionals from the aviation sector and (scientific) researchers with experience and interest in the business segment of the aviation market.
The official language of this seminar is English. 

If you are interested to participate at this seminar, please send an email to stating your name, profession and organization. Participation is free of charge. However, the number of seats is limited so we would advise you to register as soon as possible.
Date and location
Thursday 14 October 2010, 13.00-17.30 hrs
Bilderberg Europa Hotel Scheveningen, The Hague

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