University of Antwerp: Air Transport Colloquium 2014


The air transport industry is of large value to the European economy. The total contribution (direct, indirect and induced effects) is estimated at € 334 billion and 5.5 million jobs. (ATAG, 2014) Therefore, it is crucial to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the European aviation industry. However, the sector is currently challenged in many ways. European network carriers are struggling to achieve healthy profit margins, passenger and cargo yields are decreasing, the competition with the Gulf carriers is growing and taxes are higher than in other regions.

This colloquium is intended as a platform for industry stakeholders, policy makers and academics to exchange ideas about important issues in the development of today’s air transport sector. The focus will be in particular on current challenges and opportunities for the European aviation business. Attention is paid to passenger as well as cargo transport as both make up an important part of the sector.

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Category: past activities