The road to Copenhagen: Climate change and aviation


UN Climate Change Conference and aviation
In December 2009 governments will meet in Copenhagen to agree on further policies to address climate change. There are now several initiatives to integrate CO2-emissions from aviation in these agreements. These include the European Emission Trading System (ETS) as well as initiatives from the aviation sector (the “Aviation Global Deal”). Also from the United States new proposals on these issues have been prepared.
Airneth seminar
On this topic, Airneth, is planning to organise a half day seminar, where all relevant initiatives are summarised. During this seminar these initiatives are discussed between policy makers from governments dealing with aviation, from airlines as well as airports. Representatives of the Dutch Government as well as relevant airlines are invited as speakers. Some airlines (including Air France/KLM) have made proposals on these issues in the “Aviation Global Deal”. Also speakers from the EU and USA are invited, to address the initiatives in Europe (ETS) and the United States respectively. These speakers are requested to illustrate their proposals, as well as to elaborate on their expectations from the Conference in Copenhagen.
More specifically, we will address the following questions:
 1. The distinct initiatives to address climate change:

  • How do the relevant initiatives reduce CO2-emissions from aviation in particular?
  • What are the key differences with other initiatives?
  • What are the particular advantages of the relevant initiatives with respect to CO2-emissions, incentives for technological improvement and/or reductions of specific types of flights and level playing field between specific groups of airlines.

2. Expectations from the Copenhagen Conference:

  • Which results can be expected from this Conference from CO2-reductions in general?
  • Which will be the possible agreements on the contribution of aviation in this issue ?

Speakers and panel members include

  • Kitty van der Heijden, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Nancy Young, Air Transport Association (ATA)
  • Fokko Kroesen, KLM
  • Karin Verschueren, Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning an the Environment
  • Ivo de Zwaan, Dutch Ministry of Transport
  • César Velarde-Catolfi, OBSA
  • Gerard Bekebrede, GIACC

Your chairman of the day will be Jasper Faber (CE Delft).
Target audience & type of meeting
The event is targeted on policy makers, industry professionals and academics with specific experience in policies related to environment and climate issues specifically.
The meeting will be a half day (12:30–17:30), international seminar. Presentations will be published on Airneth’s website.
If you would like to attend this workshop please send an email to info(at), stating your name, profession and organisation.
Participation is free of charge. However, the number of available places is limited. So register as soon as possible.

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