The challenges of high-priced oil for aviation


Aviation is completely dependent upon petroleum as its fuel source. Since no practical energy substitute is readily available for commercial aviation, a scarcity of petroleum relative to future demand will present a major challenge for the air transport industry and aviation policy.

  • Are we really facing the end of cheap oil?
  • What will be the impact of the end of cheap oil for airline operations, airports and consumers?
  • Are there any alternative fuels available for air transport?
  • How should airlines, airports and governments prepare for high fuel prices?


  • Lucia van Geuns, Deputy Head, Clingendael International Energy Programme
  • Paul Peeters, Peeters Advies/ NLR
  • Paul Cluett, Global Sales Coordination Manager, Shell Aviation
  • Prof. Jaap de Wit, Director Airneth/ University of Amsterdam

The seminar will be from 14.00h until 17.45h at the Amsterdam Graduate Business School in Amsterdam. 

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