European Aviation Confercence 2015: 19-20 November 2015


The topic for the fourth European Aviation Conference, the premier economic and public policy conference in aviation, is a timely one- “The End of Liberalisation?” While some regions and countries are still liberalising, liberalisation seems to have stalled, or even stepped backward, in others. The conference will review recent liberalisation moves, and the current pressures for and against liberalisation will be explored. The idea of the “level playing field” is often raised, especially in Europe- the conference will debate whether it is a legitimate concern, or is a smokescreen for protectionism. Important aspects of liberalisation, such as the ownership of international airlines, and competition policy, will also be addressed.

World class speakers will explore the key aspects of the topic, and experts from university, industry and government will contribute to lively debates. Temel Kotil, CEO of Turkish Airlines, will give the key address. This year’s conference is hosted by Cranfield University and the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, and co-organised by the German Aviation Research Society, and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

Online booking is now available at the conference website. Further details about the full conference programme, accommodation and travel arrangements can also be found on the conference website.

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