ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Global Summit


Join us in this inaugural ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Global Summit, which is being convened by ICAO in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

ICAO NGAP Global Summit, hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, is intended to provide a unique opportunity to promote coordination and cooperation amongst the aviation community, education and labor sectors for the development of strategies and tools to engage and retain the next generation of aviation professionals.

The main objectives of the ICAO NGAP Global Summit are to:

  • continue to raise awareness regarding the impending shortage of aviation professionals and encourage Civil Aviation Authorities to communicate and cooperate with government education and labour bodies to promote aviation as a profession;
  • promote cooperation and coordination for the development of common NGAP guidelines or standards for use by all aviation stakeholders (i.e. Civil Aviation Authorities, industry, international organizations and academia).
  • facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, best practices and experiences regarding NGAP related activities amongst States, industry, international organizations and academia; and
  • encourage collaboration between States and the aviation community to identify long-term human resource needs and establish strategies to attract, educate and retain aviation professionals, considering gender equality.

Registration for the event is free for all participants and the event will be held in English only. Online registration is available through the NGAP Global Summit web site.

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