Excellence in accommodating aviation growth and hub development


Airneth and IFFAAD (India Chapter) cordially invite you for the seminar ‘Excellence in accommodating aviation growth and hub development: experiences from the Netherlands and India’ on 5 April 2011 in New Delhi. The seminar is part of the visit of Ms. Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, to India.
Aviation growth and hub development
Air transportation networks and infrastructures have always been unquestionably tied to the role of key cities and countries in the global economy. Connectivity by air is an important asset for the economic development of regions and countries. Through airport hub development, global connectivity can be further improved, both in the passenger and air cargo business. At the same time, economic growth, liberalization and population growth drive the demand for air transport services. One of the major challenges for accommodating growth in air transport demand and hub development is providing airport and airspace capacity.
The longstanding experience in the Netherlands to accommodate growing aviation demand and facilitate successful hub development, combined with the rise of India as a global aviation player call for a discussion on the drivers for hub development and an overview of best practices to solve the bottlenecks in providing capacity.
During the joint Airneth-IFFAAD seminar, a number of acknowledged experts from both India and The Netherlands will shed light on the issues of hub development and accommodation of air transport growth.
IFFAAD and Airneth are honored to announce the following speakers:

  •  Ms. Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands
  • Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Secretary Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Mr. I.P. Rao, CEO DIAL
  • Mr. Kapil Kaul, Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA India)
  • Mr. Emre Serpen, DHV-NACO
  • Prof. P.S. Senguttuvan, GMR
  • Mr. Yashwant Bhave, Chairman of the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority
  • Mr. Chong Choy, Vice President Cargo, KLM Cargo
  • Mr. Lodewijk Reineke, Van der Lande Industries
  • Dr. Guillaume Burghouwt, Director Airneth/Head of section aviation economics of SEO Economic Research 

Your chairman will be Dr. Sanat Kaul. Dr. Sanat Kaul is chairman of the IFFAAD India Chapter and former representative of India to the Council of ICAO.

Target audience
Policy makers, industry professionals, scholars in the field of aviation
There is no registration fee for this conference. Please register as soon as possible by sending an email to info@airneth.nl 

About Airneth and IFFAAD
IFFAAD (India Chapter) is the International Foundation for Aviation, Aerospace & Development, set up in 2007 in New Delhi by Dr. Sanat Kaul. IFFAAD has an active membership of leading professionals from the aviation, space and development sectors. IFFAAD's mission is to be an important focal point (independent think-tank) for the exchange of ideas and promotion of public interest in aviation and development worldwide. In particular it wishes to encourage cooperation between various interested sectors, such as aerospace, tourism, industry, commerce and social development and to foster a constructive dialogue amongst policy makers (governments, industries, international organizations, et al.) universities, professionals, students and individuals.
Airneth is the international scientific network on aviation research and policy. Airneth was set up in 2005 by Prof. Jaap de Wit. Airneth’s objective is to facilitate exchange of knowledge between academics, policy makers and industry professionals in the field of aviation in order to support policy making. For this purpose, Airneth regularly organizes seminars and workshops on aviation-related topics, maintains the website www.airneth.nl and distributes the results of meetings through reports, newsletters and academic publications.
We hope to welcome you on 5 April.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Sanat Kaul, chairman IFFAAD India Chapter
Dr. Guillaume Burghouwt, director Airneth

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