Call for Papers: Aviation in Africa


G.A.R.S. and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen are pleased to announce a workshop on Aviation in Africa to be held on the 30th June 2016 at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

While a vast literature exists on a broad-range of topics related to air transport in other regions of the world, comparatively little attention has been paid to aviation in Africa. Although in recent years an increasing number of studies have focused on air transport liberalisation and airline network development in Africa, the literature has devoted little attention to aviation infrastructure and airline business strategies on the continent. This is surprising given that during the past fifteen years the continent has witnessed a remarkably rapid growth in both intra and intercontinental air traffic.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss the current state of commercial aviation in the region;
  • Identify the key variables that help shape the current air transport environment;
  • Contribute towards a deeper understanding of air transport in Africa.

For more information on the workshop and the requirements for papers, please download the call for papers below.

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