Alignment of interdependent business processes of a main carrier airline and a hub airport


Airneth will organize a lunchseminar for policy makers by Prof. Sicco Santema (TU Delft) titled 'Alignment of interdependent business processes of a main carrier airline and a hub airport'.

This seminar comprehends the research project 'Alignment of interdependent business processes of KLM airlines and Amsterdam airport' conducted under the supervision of Prof. Santema.

As hub competition becomes ever fiercer, airline-airport cooperation becomes an option for hub-carriers and airports to face this competition together. By alignment of inter-dependent business processes competitive advantage can be obtained; both Firm X (hub-airport) and Firm Y (main carrier airline) have acknowledged this. Although a great deal of research has been carried out regarding cooperation, little is known about cooperation and alignment at the business process level, much less between a hub-airport and its main carrier airline.

This study is to serve a theoretical as well as a practical goal. It is to develop a theoretical model for Factors for Alignment to enable subsequent development of analysis tools that quantitatively and qualitatively measure the performance of the Factors for Alignment. It is also to identify issues and map differences and similarities present between Firm X and Firm Y within specific inter-dependent business processes. We found 31 factors that effect allignability. In the presentation we will show what factors are important and which are not for alligning business processes.

Jan Busstra (DGLM) will act as referee and will start the discussion after the presentation.

The program is as follows:
12:00 lunch
12:15 presentation Prof. Santema
12:50 referee Jan Busstra
13:05 discussion
13:30 closing

1 April 2009, 12:00-14:00 hrs

De Koepel, Ministry of Transport, Plesmanweg 1, The Hague

By personal invitation only

Official language

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