5th Airneth Annual Conference: Consolidation and new business models in the air transport industry


The gradual process of liberalization has led to large structural changes in aviation markets. One of the changes has been more competition, lower fares and strong increases in passenger volumes. Airlines have reacted by joining into alliances and in some cases even by transnational mergers. Studies on the impacts of consolidation show increased network scope for consumers and airline cost reductions, but also higher airfares on selected markets due to higher market concentration. 

Another major trend has been the emergence of low cost carriers, carrying more than 30% of intra-European traffic. In contrast to legacy airlines, many low-cost airlines operate in point-to-point network configurations, often from secondary airports. This reduces their costs and fares, putting the legacy airline model under further pressure. But the variety in airline business models is wide: many low-cost carriers have in fact a hybrid business models, whereas legacy airlines adopt characteristics of the archetypical low-cost business model. 
Central questions
The fifth Airneth Annual Conference addresses the consolidation trend in the air transport industry and the rise of new airline business models. Questions to be answered during this conference include:

  • What does the consolidation trend look like?
  • What will the future bring?
  • What are the consequences of consolidation for airlines, networks, consumers and airports?
  • Has the penetration of low-cost carriers come to an end?
  • To what extent do business concepts of low-cost and legacy airlines converge?
  • What is the future of the legacy and low-cost airline model?

Airneth is honoured to announce that speakers include:

  • Rigas Doganis, Rigas Doganis and Associates
  • Perry Cantarutti, Delta Airlines
  • Dr. Nigel Dennis, University of Westminster
  • Jaap de Wit, Netherlands Institute of Transport Policy
  • Renato Redondi, University of Brescia - ICCSAI
  • Christoph Brützel, International University of Applied Economics Bad Honnef
  • Peter Morris, Ascend Worldwide
  • Wolfgang Grimme, German Aerospace Center
  • Richard Klophaus, Worms University of Applied Sciences
  • Jan Veldhuis, SEO Economic Research

Why attend this conference?

  • Find yourself in the midst of a network of aviation professionals from policy, research and aviation industry;
  • Benefit from the ample opportunities for informal discussions and meetings;
  • Learn about the opportunities and threats from consolidation and new business models and how to deal with them;
  • Listen to presentations of keynote speakers from policy, research and industry.

Thursday 14 April, 9:00-17:30 hrs 
Crowne Plaza Hotel, The Hague

Target audience
Policy-makers in the field of aviation, researchers, industry representatives & other professionals in the aviation sector, students in the field of aviation.

Please register for the Airneth Annual Conference by sending an email to info(at)airneth.com stating your name, email address and profession. Participation is free of charge. However, the number of available places is limited. We recommend to register as soon as possible. 

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