2nd Airneth Annual Conference: EU-US Open Skies


30 March 2008: Start of a new era 
EU-US Air Transport Agreement took effect on 30 March 2008. For the first time, airline can fly without any restrictions between any point in Europe to any point in the US. “The start of a new era”, according to Jacques Barrot of the European Commission.

What are the consequences of EU-US Open Skies?
The highly successful 2007 Airneth conference, which was attended by over 180 participants, dealt with the question how to use scarce airport capacity most optimally.

In 2008, we shift our attention to another major issue: the consequences of the EU-US Open Sky Agreement as well as the further liberalization of worldwide aviation markets and the question how to reconcile the consequences of liberalization with increasingly scarce airport capacity as well as environmental challenges.

We organize this conference in co-operation with the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S).

Conference by day at a glance

Day one - 17 April 2008: main conference day 

8.30 Registration
9.30 Welcome & Opening address by Mark Dierikx, Director-General of Freight Transport and Civil Aviation, Dutch Ministry of Transport 
10.00 Setting the scene, legal aspects, first order impacts of EU-US
11.35 Optimal use of airport capacity, congestion and slots
14.30 Parallel session I: Impacts of EU-US: "the world outside Heathrow"
14.30 Parallel session II: Sustainability issues, airline network impacts
16.15 Round table 
17.00 Closing speech by Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director of air transport for the European Union
17.30 Closing of the day and drinks

Day two - 18 April 2008: Airneth/GARS research workshop

8.30 Registration 
9.00 Opening by Jaap de Wit, Director of Airneth
9.10 Parallel session I: Impacts of the EU-US Open Sky Agreement
9.10 Parallel session II: Airport competition, land-side and air-side accessibility 
10.30 Parallel session I: Hub development and hub sustaibility, complex network approach in air transport research
Parallel session II: Impacts of the EU-US Open Sky Agreement
11.50 Parallel session I: Liberalization and airline network development
Parallel session II: main ports and cargo
12.50 Closing of the conference

About the Airneth/GARS Research Workshop

On 18 April Airneth and the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S) co-organize an academic workshop. The focus is on the academic views on the impact of EU-US Open Skies and liberalization of air transport markets in general. 

We are proud to announce that the chairman of the first conference day will be Prof. Hendrik Jan de Ru from Allen & Overy and the VU University Amsterdam.

Speakers include
Daniel Calleja, Director of air transport for the European Union
Mark Dierikx, Director-General for Transport and Aviation, Dutch Ministry of Transport
James Cole, Director of Slot Coordination, Airport Coordination Limited, UK.
Frank Berardino, President GRA, Inc.
José Bolorinos Cremades, director network planning Iberia
Ken Stevens, director airport affairs, Horizon Air (Alaska Air Group)
Sean Barrett, Trinity College Dublin
Leon Verhallen, Brussels International Airport
Peter Morrell, Cranfield University/ Brian Humphreys, Virgin Atlantic
Pablo Mendes de Leon, Institute for Air and Space Law, Leiden University
Jan Veldhuis, Amsterdam Aviation Economics
Nigel Dennis, University of Westminster
Richard Tol, Economic and Social Research Institute, Ireland
Jaap de Wit, Airneth/ University of Amsterdam
Guillaume Burghouwt, Airneth
P.P.C. Haanappel, Leiden University
Marco Kouwenhoven, Significance
Eric Pels, VU University Amsterdam
Milan Janic, Delft University of Technology
Koen Frenken, Utrecht University
Paolo Malighetti, University of Bergamo

Target audience
Policy-makers in the field of aviation
Industry representatives & other professionals in the aviation sector
Students in the field of aviation

Organisations already registered for this conference include:
Iberia, Dutch Ministry of Transport, Economic and Social Research Institute, VU University Amsterdam, Leiden University, Aviation Week, ADECS Airinfra, Belgian Ministry of Transport, Brussels International Airport, CapGemini, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, Cranfield University, Delft University of Technology, Dublin Airport Authority, KLM, European Commission, Municipality of Amsterdam, GRA Inc., Amsterdam School of Technology, Horizon Air, IATA, ICCSAI, Interpress, IUAS Bad Honnef, DGAC, Lelystad Airport, Reims Management School, McGill University, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, NACO, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Nieuwsblad Transport, Platform Nederlandse Luchtvaart, Sustainable Aviation Network Europe, PVRC, Schiphol Airline Operators Committee, Schiphol Group, Amsterdam Aviation Economics, University of Amsterdam, To70, Transport Safety Institute, Trinity College Dublin, University of Antwerp, University of California-Irvine, University of Aegean, University of Westminister, VN-DALPA, Airport Coordination Ltd., Dutch Aviation Group, Allen & Overy, ADSE, Twente University, University of Bergamo, Real Instituto de Estudios Europeos of Zaragoza, STAR Alliance, Kobe University

Why attend this conference?

  • find yourself in the midst of a network of aviation professionals from policy, research and the aviation industry
  • benefit from the ample opportunities for informal discussions and meetings
  • learn about the consequences of further liberalization and the challenges they pose for policy makers and other stakeholders
  • present a paper on the Airneth/GARS Research Workshop on April 18th
  • listen to presentations of keynote speakers from policy, research and industry 

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