Airneth staff

Christiaan Behrens, director

Christiaan Behrens is director of Airneth. He has a doctorate in transport economics and holds more than ten years of experience in the aviation industry. He combines quantitative and qualitative methods to study the interaction between transport economics, competition, marketing, and consumer behavior. Christiaan regularly publishes in scientific and professional journals about transport economics, with a special focus on aviation economics.

Gerben de Jong, program manager

Gerben de Jong is program manager of Airneth. He holds a doctorate in transport economics and has seven years of experience in economic research in the aviation industry. His expertise lies in the fields of competition, regulation, innovation, sustainability, transportation and economic opportunities. Gerben is active with a scientific line of research into the organisation of aviation markets taking into account the behaviour of travellers and airlines and (conflicting) economic, ecological and political interests.

Sacha Pel, coordinator

Sacha Pel is coordinator Airneth. She is responsible for the logistics concerning the Airneth events.

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