Council of scientific advisors

The Council of Scientific Advisors has several functions:

  • to monitor the realisation of Airneth's objectives;
  • an annual evaluation of the scientific achievements of Airneth;
  • being a source for new insights and topics for Airneth activities;
  • to inventorise and notice new and relevant developments in the scientific world;
  • to help create and organize commitment in the academic world for Airneth activities.

The Council consists of four members:

Prof. dr. P.J.M. Mendes de Leon
University of Leiden (Professor of Air and Space Law)

Dr. A.J.H. Pels
VU University of Amsterdam (Associate Professor at Department of Spatial Economics)

Dr. Hans Heerkens
University of Twente (Assistant Professor at School of Management and Governance)

Prof. Em. J. de Wit
Pintail Aviation Economics (Director)

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